Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Social Networking Site - Tumblr!

The computer nerd has found yet another social networking site! This site, Tumblr, operates more as a blog but has some fun features, is incredibly easy to use, links to Twitter, and offers yet another avenue for all of us to promote ourselves. Go to to sign up today! **Make sure you mention Etsy somewhere so that people can find you if they search "Etsy."

For those of us with the spectacular IPhone, there is a FREE Tumblr app available that allows you to do posts! Just go to ITunes to download it.

My tumblr address is:

Have fun out there! -Suzanne

Friday, February 27, 2009

Etsy Forums Post - The Huh Factor

Promotion and Marketing don't have to be "traditional"....

I came across a post in the Etsy Forums that I just love today! I'm always about the unusual as a way to boost promotion and marketing initiatives. This doesn't just apply to Etsy either. The advice given here can help anywhere. So enough of my blah, blah,'s the link!

Enjoy and think Summer! -Suzanne

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dog Bed Cover Delight!

I just had to take a moment to brag about yet another wonderful find on! I found a wonderful, high quality Duck Canvas dog bed cover that my pooch is going to love:) Here's hoping it keeps him off of the bed and couch!! It's washable, dryable, has no zippers, and even just takes regular pillows.

Check out the full line of products here:

Here's my sweetie:)

New Blog - Mom's House!

Check out my new blog which focuses on the fun things in life - Family, Friends, Fun, Recipes, Home, Garden, Etsy, and more! Mom's House -

Posted today...a yummy, fast chicken recipe!

As always...Enjoy!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Shipping Calculations - 2009

A short time ago, I read a great blog that showed how to set up shipping tables in Pay Pal since Etsy and some of the other selling sites do not have shipping calculators. In late 2008, I lost oodles of money on shipping to several states and with the recent rate hike I found I can not absorb up to $8 per package in shipping .... so I am trying out the Pay Pal Shipping option which will assign appropriate shipping based on your state/zip code. New shipping rates on sites without shipping calculators are as follows through Pay Pal:

States: New Hampshire, Colorado, Armed Forces - AA, Florida, Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, Connecticut, Wyoming, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Armed Forces - AE, Armed Forces - AP, Massachusetts, Arkansas, South Carolina, Vermont, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Delaware

Purchase Total/Shipping

$.01 – 15/$9.00
$15.01 - 25/$11.00
$25.01 – 66/$13.50
$66.01 – 80/$16.50
$80.01 and Up/$22.00

States: Kansas, North Carolina, Nebraska, Minnesota, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Iowa, Virginia, District of Columbia

Purchase Total/Shipping

$.01 – 15/$7.50
$15.01 - 25/$8.75
$25.01 – 66/$12.50
$66.01 – 80/$15.00
$80.01 and Up/$20.00

States: Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, New Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada, Montana

Purchase Total/Shipping

$.01 – 15/$10.50
$15.01 - 25/$12.50
$25.01 – 66/$13.50
$66.01 – 80/$18.50
$80.01 and Up/$25.00

States: Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky

Purchase Total/Shipping

$.01 – 15/$6.00
$15.01 - 25/$6.50
$25.01 – 40/$8.50
$66.01 – 80/$10.50
$80.01 and Up/$13.50


Thank you to everyone for such a great 2008!! ~Suzanne