Monday, April 19, 2010

My Buddy

I typically do strictly business posts on my Bliss blog but I've decided to "fun" it up with some personal stuff as well! To start, I must introduce you to my favorite not-so-little-dude. His name is Blu and he is quite possibly the coolest dog around :)

Blu has had his challenges since day one. He was purchased from a "shady" pet store where he was deemed as a Blue Tick Hound. He turned out to be a mix of Blue Tick Hound and "who knows" as well as a puppy mill dog. Right from the beginning, we noticed that Blu had a shake in his legs which resulted in consultations and specialist visits with no verdict (other that he is pigeon toed too). More than likely, I was told, he was put in a cage too small when he was a puppy at the puppy mill.

In his adult life, Blu lost his spark and started to have once black skin turn pink. Last year, I found out the little sweetie has lupus which started out requiring medicine three times a day, now two times a day. He is better but gets sluggish when it gets warmer. We tease him about his little pink lip :)

Now I'm told that the shake is probably spondolosis which hopefully will not shorten his life. I walk him daily to try to keep him in as tip top shape as I can. Arthritis keeps him from going too far but he doesn't complain.

Blu is by far the sweetest "person" in my world. He is 95 pounds of pussycat! He is super smart when he wants to be. While he (a hunting dog) will run the opposite way of a rabbit to catch it, he can figure out how to open a door in no time. When I'm sick, he is right at my side. And somehow, he knows just what to do when I'm sad. One morning, I woke up after an upsetting evening to find all of his favorite toys carefully placed right next to me.

Ask anyone that knows Blu and they will tell you he is a honey. He is truly a blessing and quite the little trooper :)


Fabulous Find: FART Scrabble Wood Tiles

I searched for Etsy West Michigan artists today and of course the first item that really caught my eye was this listing for scrabble wood tiles spelling "FART" by The Empty Nest (luv4sams). I'm ridiculous at heart...what can I say?

Have someone you must get them for? Click here to go to the listing.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fabulous Finds: Elf Hat by KarlysKloset

This has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen! And the sweet :) Made by one of the fabulous Etsy West Michigan team members - KarlysKloset. Click HERE if you must have it! To search for more great Etsy West Michigan made items, search etsywmi team on!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Etsy Artist Feature: Doe Studio

1. What is your business name and website/shop URL? What do you create?

My shop name is doe Studio. I design and crochet scarves, baby blankets, full sized afghans and other accessories; I also sell my nature photography prints and have recently added pendants (both glass and scrabble tile). I love the instant gratification that I get from all of these forms of art ~ each is unique and allows me to get creative in so many different ways!
My website is or you can find me on Etsy at
I also have a blog ( a facebook fan page (

2. What is the theme or idea behind your website/shop?

I wanted to give my shop a clean, crisp, fresh feel, even though my items are generally soft and cozy. I am currently working with a graphic designer to create a logo and branding for my shop and website ~ very excited! I have always tried to keep my color scheme calming and enjoyable!

3. What makes your items unique?

Since my addictions vary from crochet to photography to handmade pendants, I'd say it's my array of items that are as unique as the items are themselves! I usually don't use a pattern for my crocheted pieces, so each one is a little different from the next. That keeps my items looking and feeling fresh and unique; not only from other shops, but within the shop as well!

4. What is your favorite item on your website or in your shop right now?

Since spring is here in Canada (finally!!), I'm going to have to say this is my current favorite! It's also my best seller as far as my prints are concerned!
I actually have it enlarged to 16x20 and have it hanging above my bed. I love the color, I love the flower it's self and all of it's soft and textured details!

5. What teams do you belong to? How do we search for their items?

I am a proud member of the Ontario Etsy Street Team ( & EtsyMom Street Team ( Also, I am on a waiting list to join EtsyHookers ~ very exciting!

6. What is your favorite thing about handmade items?

I love that for each handmade item, someone has taken the time, care and love to create something from the heart. I think if you compare two similar items, you are going to find huge differences due to the fact that each artist has individual talents and an eye for their craft that sets them apart. There are so many talented artists out there, I could spend all day perusing Etsy sites and blogs!!

7. Do you have any favorite finds by other handmade artists?

I have so many!!! I love pottery, jewelry and skin care items! Here are some of my favorite shops!
I have far too many favorite items to list but I will mention one! I recently purchased a gorgeous Pandora style charm bracelet from jpJewels. Her bracelets are beautiful and inexpensive! A nice treat for yourself or someone you love without clearing out your savings account!!

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share? Other links?

I have recently opened a sister shop on Etsy called "Om ~ Organized Mom". I specialize in creating lists, trackers and time management tools. My goal is to help other Mom's make the most of their time and regain control of their homes!! It's still in it's infancy stage and I am excited about working on and adding new items in the coming weeks.