Sunday, October 4, 2009

Change in Lead Time - Nov 6th to Nov 21st

I just wanted to send a notice out well ahead of time that my typical 5-7 day lead will be extended by approximately one week between November 6th and November 21st. It is possible that it could be longer for non-seasonal (i.e. florals, clean, earthy scents) and non-Premium line items (Mayo Jars, Elite Jars, tea lights).

If you would like to order during that time, just take note that the Premium line (10 oz, 16 oz, and 26 oz) tends to ship the fastest...Mayo Jars and Elite Jars are always made to order.

Not only am I in two shows during that time but I also have something else super special happening during that time! All I can say is keep an eye out on!

I encourage everyone to order by October 24th to make sure you have your goodies lickity split!


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