Sunday, February 7, 2010

Featured Bliss Fragrance: Lilac

Featured Bliss Fragrance: LILAC

Here in Michigan, we spend most of Winter waiting for Spring. What if we could jump start that process? With this wonderful, true, Lilac fragrance you can!

Back when I started my business, I searched all over for the perfect Lilac fragrance oil. One out of about ten samples stood out as the only choice! It was incredibly close to the real thing. Since 2004, people have bought my Lilac fragranced soy candles "in mass" because it's just that good.

Last year, you could catch me with real Lilacs in one hand and a Lilac candle in the other trying to sniff the difference :) Yeah...I'm a little silly!

If you need a little Spring, stop by my website ~ or Etsy Shop ~ and pick some up!


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