Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fabulous Finds: Rustic Handmade Magnets and Ornaments by Merritt Hyde

Today when I was logging off of Etsy, one of my addictions caught my eye on the front page....dragonflies. After clicking on these little cuties, I realized that they were magnets, handmade from Recycled Barn (roofing) Rusted Tin, Paint, hard cut flooring nail (rusted) and ceramic magnet by Merritt Hyde.

There are lots of cute little treasures in this shop including some of the items below ranging from magnets to ornaments! Visit Merritt Hyde on Etsy to see more.



Rebecca said...

I love these dragonflies too, Suzanne. I fell in love with Merritt Hyde's work about a year ago, shortly after I first joined Etsy. Her pieces were some of the ones that went into my first treasuries. Love the rustic quality and the wonderful colors and images. Thanks for sharing.

Merritt Hyde said...

Wow ~ Thanks so much for featuring me. It came as such a surprise and has made my week. Your blog is stunning and I feel so honored to be included!

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a great use of old materials! The dragonflies are fabulous!