Saturday, September 11, 2010

Superstar Saturday: Kim Scherer

Superstar Saturday!

Let me introduce you to ..
. Kim Scherer.

1. What is your business name and website/shop URL? What do you create?

My website is and I make sleep sacks, burp cloths, bibs, bows, pacifier clips, and crib teething guards.

2. What is the theme or idea behind your website/shop?

I started my website after my son was born and I wanted to make things that I used or needed! It started with the burp cloths and got bigger from there! I wanted to make a gender neutral looking site and offer cute patterns in both boy and girl items!

3. What makes your items unique?

I want to make all my items something I would buy and make the fabrics fun! I try to take things that moms use everyday and put a small twist to it, to make it something unique!

4. What is your favorite item on your website or in your shop right now?

Right now my favorite item in my store is the pink and brown damask teething guard. I really like the fabric and think it came together great!

5. What teams do you belong to? How do we search for their items?

I am part of the Etsy West Michigan Team and you can search items for that team by searching for "etsywmi team."

6. What is your favorite thing about handmade items?

I love handmade items because they are unique and they can be made for what you need or want!

7. Do you have any favorite finds by other handmade artists?

There are so many great handmade items that I can't pick just one! I love handmade jewelry and of course baby items!

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share? Other links?

My sister-in-law and I started our websites at the same time and we help each other to grow and get better at what we we do! The link to her shop is We also attend craft shows together and have a great time meeting customers and other great vendors! Since I have started this shop I have been pleasantly surprised at all the support from my family and friends and the wonderful customers that I have worked with!

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Victoria said...

I stopped by Kim's shop; I really like the colors she chooses for her items.

Now I'm off to look at your offerings. I've been told soybean candles are soooo much better than paraffin. Your scents sound comfy and inviting.

ViKotas/ Etsy