Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wow 'Em Wednesday!: Julie and Co

Let me introduce you to ... Julie and Co.

1. What is your business name and website/shop URL? What do you create?

My shop is called julieandco and is found at I make hand-embroidered decorative thread balls. They are in the tradition of Japanese temari, an ancient Japanese folk art.

2. What is the theme or idea behind your website/shop?

I love all things handmade and particularly those things with threads -- pearl cotton embroidery thread is my primary fiber, but I also love metallic threads, silk threads and wool. I named my shop Julieandco because my family (my husband of 26 years and our daughters) are a huge part of my work and who I am. They are the "and co." of my work!

3. What makes your items unique?

Japanese temari has been around for thousands of years and is making a resurgence in modern culture and craft. I like to put my own modern interpretation to these ancient creations -- modern color palettes, unique design twists, updated forms.

4. What is your favorite item on your website or in your shop right now?

My favorite creation right now is a new temari pincushion, , in a lovely porcelain Asian tea cup. I think it is adorable and so practical for a modern seamstress!

5. What teams do you belong to? How do we search for their items?

I am a happy member of the Etsy West Michigan team (etsywmi team) and the Homeschooling team (SHE team). They are great encouragers!

6. What is your favorite thing about handmade items?

I'm really into textures and fibers....I love things that have multiple types of fibers (I'm currently intrigued with nuno felted scarves) and textural delights.

7. Do you have any favorite finds by other handmade artists?

I love therainbowgirl's hand dyed threads ( ), and the gorgeous scarves of my friend Cathi in Portland ( ) and everything of one of my long-time favorite embroiderers, Waterrose ( )

8. Do you have anything else you would like to share? Other links?

I am planning on opening a new shop soon of my own fiber art! Please stay tuned as this is a whole new adventure for me!

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