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Featured Etsy Shop: holycraft

Featured Etsy Shop: holycraft

The Etsy community is full of a multitude of talented artists. Amongst this community of talent is an incredible team called InteriorDesignTeam (AKA DesignStyleGuide). This team is comprised of artists who create furniture, pottery, home d├ęcor, photography, paintings, various artwork, candles, lamps, bedding, and more.
If you are looking to redecorate or just for something special, search “interiordesignteam” to find these fantastic artists. Today’s featured artist is a member of this talented team.
1. What is your shop name and what do you sell? My shop name is thanks to my husband's creativity--Holy Craft! I sell an assortment of things, but my main items are customized wooden blocks, infant/toddler hair bows, and squash albums.

2. What is your shop URL?

3. When did you start selling on Etsy? I started selling in May 2008, so I'm still a bit of a newbie :) I started a craft blog and had several friends ask if I was selling on Etsy. Finally I gave in!
4. What is your favorite thing about Etsy? I love seeing all the fabulous handmade creations that are out there. Etsy has such vast talent! I also LOVE the street teams! I honestly don't know where my sales would be without them.

5. What is your favorite thing about what you sell? I started a lot of my crafting as gifts to people for baby/bridal showers and/or wedding gifts. I love creating something that makes someone else happy. Now, I love coming up with new designs for my blocks and I get so attached to them :) My hair bows started as solutions to my daughter's beautiful, but long and in-her-face hair. Hardly a day goes by that she doesn't wear a bow of some sort! The squash albums are just such a fun and surprising take on a gift album or brag book.

6. What is your favorite item in your own shop and why? I think my favorite item right now is my Customizable Wooden Blocks in Amy Butler's Lotus Tea Box-- Amy Butler is one of my favorite designers and I just love the striking colors and pattern of these darling blocks!

7. What teams do you belong to? I belong to some wonderful teams! FAM (Fabulous Artistic Moms), EtsyMom, CAST (Christian Artists Street Team), FAST (Fiber Arts Street Team), EtsyHookers, ETSYWMI, and Interior Design Team (Design Style Guide).

8. What is the most fun thing you do to promote your shop? I love to promote my shop in the forums. It's fun for ME, but I don't know that it's the most effective. My other main way to promote is through my blog, Recently I was able to promote my shop through the honor of being chosen as one of the finalists in the Etsy Handmade Kids Challenge--Home Decor category. That was really cool!

9. What are some of your favorite finds by other sellers on Etsy? I have so many favorites! I love the work of the mother/daughter team of I purchased a "Maguire the Monkey" print, inspired by my son Maguire. It's just darling! has the cutest "snobs" and sock monkey drawings. I love purchasing gift tags made from prints of her drawings. Not only do I love the kitschy jewelry and accessories from htt:// but I just crack up every time I read one of her descriptions! I recently purchased a "stash & go pouch" from and love it! I love big purses, but all of my "junk" gets lost in them. I use the stash & go pouch to help keep my cosmetics/personal items/medications/bandaids/etc. organized in the vast cavern that is my purse :) Some of my other favorites are,,,, and

10. What do you do in your spare time? Spare time?? Ha! I love to read, play outside with my 2 kids (Ashlyn age 3 and Maguire age 20 months) and husband, crochet, scrapbook, wander through Hobby Lobby and local fabric stores, sing and dance (in the privacy of my own home or car!), drink coffee and diet dr. pepper, and spend time online blogging or chatting in the forums on Etsy.

11. Do you have anything else you would like to share? My blocks recently also became available on a fabulous new website Check out that Go Kye has to offer for children and babies!

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What a great feature on Abby - I've met her and she is wonderful!