Thursday, October 2, 2008

Featured Etsy Shop: Whimsy and Spice

Featured Etsy Shop: Whimsy and Spice

1. What is your shop name and what do you sell?Our shop is and we sell all sorts of handmade sweets like shortbread cookies, sandwich cookies, brownies, biscotti and handmade marshmallows, many of which incorporate spices into their flavors.

2. What is your shop URL? The Etsy shop address is We have a website at,/ which will have its own e-commerce functionality in the next few weeks.

3. What is your blog URL?We have a blog at

4. When did you start selling on Etsy?We started selling on etsy 5 months ago in mid April.

5. What is your favorite thing about Etsy?There are so many talented people on Etsy! I'm always amazed at the wonderful and creative work that I see just coming to the front page everyday.

6. What is your favorite thing about what you sell?Our products make wonderful, affordable gifts since we take great care in our design and packaging. We love that some people are totally surprised by the flavor combinations of some of our sweets.

7. What is your favorite item in your own shop and why?We love our new cardamom marshmallows at the moment. They are fabulous in a hot drink and so Fall-like.

8. What teams do you belong to?We currently do not belong to any etsy teams.

9. What is the most fun thing you do to promote your shop?I think our blog has been a good marketing tool for us. It's a place to document our progress as a new business, record recipes that we develop, and to keep in touch with people. We've met a great deal of readers through our blog who have also become customers. We also love to give samples and cookies to people who want to try them!

10. What are some of your favorite finds by other sellers on Etsy?I just found this shop recently - little love blue ( and find her felted animals so enchanting. I also love the bags designed by moop (

11. What do you do in your spare time?We find ourselves with very little spare time, but any spare time is spent with our kids. I work as a freelance designer almost full time and I run this shop with my husband who is the pastry chef. Whimsy & Spice is becoming a full time venture for us so our lives are quite busy balancing life/work/kids. When I do find myself with some rare free time, I like to draw, sew and make things.

12. What blogs do you follow?My daily blog reads usually include: others....

13. Do you have anything else you would like to share?I just want to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 5 months, including bloggers like yourself! It's been so great to meet such wonderful and creative people through this new business venture of ours.


Heathen's Hearth said...

Oh GAWD...that all looks so good! And shortbread...shortbread is my weaknes...


doeStudio said...

Love your blog!
Great features! I doooooo love ETSY!

Debra said...

I am going to take a look at that shop.....looks yummy!

nicaeli said...

Oh my goodness! I love that shop, such lovely treats:)