Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fragrance Review: Cozy Home

My first fragrance review is on a fragrance that to many is second to no other - Cozy Home.

Cozy Home is a wonderful intermingling of sweet, crisp apple and sweet kitchen spices. The scent throw in my soy candles is simply amazing, fragrancing at least two rooms in my home. This is not one to buy in small quantities. I highly suggest at least a 16 oz jar if not the 26 oz because you will be very disappointed when the candle is gone. This candle is ivory in color to match any decor.

Keep an eye out for upcoming "you choose the color" listings. You will be able to order your favorite fragrance, regardless of what it is, in holiday colors!

Stop by my shop and sniff around a bit! You may have a hard time leaving :)



alfcreations said...

This sounds like a wonderful candle! I have yet to buy from your shop, but this will definitely be the next candle I buy! Do you watch Emeril? Makes me wish we had "smellovision" for the computer! LOL :)

Heathen's Hearth said...

That sounds amazing!

BTW...I included one of your candles in my treasury today