Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Big Shopping Trip

I have been working incredibly hard these days so I decided to make a trip to a show that I have done for the last two years but couldn't afford this year ($265 booth fee and 10% of sales ... youch!). Beneath the Wreath is sponsored by the Grand Rapids Junior League and is a wonderful high end shopping event that is invite only -- in other words, they ask you if you would like to have a booth there.

I visited several favorites as well as some new ones and wanted to show off a couple of my new goodies! I encouraged both artists to join Etsy so if you like their websites, send them a note to give a little more encouragement :)

The very first (okay... after the toffee booth) item that I bought was a handbag. I'm not usually the type to buy handbags but the quality of these and the styles they had available were not only outstanding but styles I hadn't seen before. This wonderful artist, The Poppy Bag Co., has "an original line of custom-designed bags and accessories." The fabrics are beautiful and they have a bag design for everybody...even me! Plus they do handbag parties! Since it is dark and gloomy here in Michigan, my photo quality is not the best but here is the one I purchased. You can see more at You can email them at

Then I had to make my annual trip to the Great Lakes Tea & Spice company. They have the most heavenly array of teas, spices, rubs, and gadgets! They have teas ranging from fruity to floral to herbal including black teas, white teas, green teas, and botanical blends. They also carry pure spices, spice blends, and some incredible rubs. My favorite rub, which they were out of already if that tells you anything, is the Teriyaki Ginger Rub. Talk about fabulous! I highly recommend checking out this wonderful vendor from Glen Arbor, Michigan. You can shop online at Here are photos of some of my goodies.

How wonderful would these things be in a basket with some Bliss Soybean Candles???

Happy Shopping! -Suzanne

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